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Interview about La Planète Takoo

Interviews of TEEYANDEE Discussing La Planète Takoo

Planet Takoo

Aperotak on May 23, 2021 with TEEYANDEE

PioWorld: Let's Talk About Afro-Caribbean Comics

PioWorld: La Planète Takoo Kickstarter

PioWorld: The Issue of the Term Afro Manga

PioWorld: TEEYANDEE in Japan"

African Literature - What Evolution?

La Planète Takoo on Radio Peyi

Entreprem's on Canal10 with TEEYANDEE

Télé Antilles: Theo's Encounters

Guyane La 1ère: To Our Hearts Attached

TEEYANDEE, the creator of La Planète Takoo

Guyane La 1ère: The First Guyanese Manga

The First Caribbean Manga

The first Guyanese manga: La Planète Takoo

La Planète Takoo on Radio Peyi

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