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The Kemty 'La Planète Takoo' is inspired by shonen nekketsu* manga

Portrait of TEEYANDEE


Quote from TEEYANDEE: "Before being of African descent, I am French, before being French, I am Afro-Caribbean, and before being Afro-Caribbean, I am a Earthling."

Born on July 14, 1985, in Les Abymes, Guadeloupe, TEEYANDEE is part of the generation that had the chance to experience the Club Dorothée during his childhood. Club Dorothée brought manga to France between the 1980s and the 1990s. It was through manga that TEEYANDEE developed a love for Japan and, by extension, Asia. His love for manga inspired him to explore various Asian cultures. As he grew up, he realized that manga was a great way to showcase his culture and art. He then wholeheartedly devoted himself to developing La Planète Takoo, which is his very first kemty.

He released Volume 1 in July 2018, Volume 2 in July 2019, and Volume 3 was scheduled for release in July 2020. However, due to COVID-19, he had to reconsider his plans and decided to postpone the release of Volume 3 to July 2021, along with Volume 4.

His goal is to promote his art and culture, and through his art, he presents his vision of his community and the world through La Planète Takoo!

In August 2020, he created a one-shot (a 55-page manga) with Isma Ba titled Thaji the Child of the Desert.

TEEYANDEE's vision

"To Write, Draw, Animate"
                          TEEYANDEE (Therry Dupré)

Main Theme of Planet Takoo

Do we only live with our own, or can we open ourselves to the world? That's the question Planet Takoo seeks to answer!

Secondary themes of Planet Takoo

Do individuals with the same origins have the same ideology? The same ambitions? The same beliefs? The same vision of things?

In the world of Planet Takoo, on the Dzielo continent, some beings can use KABU (gift) which allows them to use the Earth and DJI (energy) that everyone possesses but few people manage to master.

In the domain of DIN (statue), during their grandfather Thioro's absence, Thaji, Thaya, and Thakio have fun when they see a huge droplet of water land in the desert. Curious, they decide to approach the impact site and discover an unconscious man different from them...

Honoring culture through art

La Planète Takoo is a kemty (black picture) heavily inspired by shonen nekketsu manga, aiming to playfully showcase various African and Caribbean cultures for everyone in a fictional universe created by TEEYANDEE (Therry Dupré).


Join TEEYANDEE on the Planet Takoo Discord server


Planet Takoo

Based in French Guiana

TEEYANDEE arrived in French Guiana on January 14, 2018, to practice the Amazonian Djokan Martial Art in order to portray it as accurately as possible in his work, Planet Takoo.

Since then, he has settled there to promote his work and to shine a light on Guyanese culture locally, as well as various African and Caribbean cultures regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Come join us to discuss Planet Takoo on our Discord server

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